25 Years



Our organization consists of various functions including Engineering and Planning, Production, Tool Room, Maintenance, Quality, Stores and Logistics. All the departments are well equipped and help each other in fulfilling the requirements of our clients within the stipulated time frame.

Production Department Overview

The production department hosts 90 machines in three divisions.

Swiss Cam Division

A Swiss Cam machine is an automatic lathe that allows the production of high precision parts in large volumes. These machines are one of the finest in the world known for their tight tolerances and high accuracy. Turbo India has 75 Petermann make Swiss Cam machines which allows a monthly production capacity of over 6 million parts in the diameter range 0.5mm to 10 mm.

The in-house Tool Room offers support with respect to Tooling, Drills and Cams necessary for smooth functioning.

The Maintenance team work together to fully modify these Swiss Cam machines with the latest technology of sensors and actuators for trouble free production.

Swiss CNC Division

Turbo India opened its door to Swiss CNC technology in the year 2008 by purchasing Citizen Cincom B12 machine. These machines are optimal for parts that are short-run, high-precision, and which otherwise would require a number of different secondary operations.

Today, we have 8 Swiss CNC machines made by Tsugami, Maier and Citizen. These machines cover diameters from 3 mm to 20 mm with machining axes ranging from 2 to 8.

CNC Turning Division

The CNC Turning lathes numbering 7 are capable of producing bar turned components covering diameters from 8 mm to 43 mm. These machines cater to the low volume and large diameter components need.

Our production systems are flexible and thus allow us to cater to both high volume-low mix and low volume-high mix requirements of our customers.

Post-Production Overview

At Turbo India, we have finishing systems in place to enhance the visual appeal of the parts.

  • Centrifugal Driers are used to degrease the components thus ensuring there is no trace of oil.
  • Deburring of sharp edges is carried out in the four-barrel Horizontal Tumbling Machine.
  • Then, the parts undergo a Polishing process to make the surface smooth and shiny.

We also offer additional services like Annealing, Passivation and Plating through our trusted outsourcing partners.